SOL Exodus v1.11.4831 Update PC Game
SOL Exodus v1.11.4831 Update
Scene group SKIDROW released the latest update (v1.11.4831) of the game SOL Exodus for PC. Changelogs can be found here. Enjoy!
Decreased level load times
- Various optimizations
- If locking a missile on a target, and missile lock is then lost (out of view, changed target), user may release the missile fire button without firing a missile. This is only if they release the button before a new lock is acquired.
- Docking penalty re-added
- Added a visibility cone to the radar for easier readability for the time being.
- Fixes for the afterburner sound sometimes playing constantly after use.
- Virtual Mouse Joystick mode should now respect deadzone and sensitivity settings, though more work needs done still.
- MAG cannon projectile speed increase
- HADES Missile slight speed / health increase
- Reduced chances lower difficulty enemy fighters will shoot missiles out of the air.
- Increased speed of Gunships
- Increased potency and accuracy of Gunship turrets
- Mission 3 has gotten a complete revamp. No more transports to save and, in general, is much more action-orientated than before.
- Mission 5 Gunship exit points moved further out from their spawn point allowing players enough time to kill them (this was needed due to their speed increase)

Publisher: Seamless Entertainment
Developer: Seamless Entertainment
Genre: Action, Indie, Simulation

Release name: SOL.Exodus.v1.11.4831.Update-SKIDROW
Size: 448MB

Install Notes
1. Unpack release
2. Run SOL.Exodus.1.11.4831.Update.exe
3. Install
4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder to the main install folder and overwrite
5. Play the game

How to Download ???
1. Click on the download links
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on

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