BSplayer 2.62.1066 Cracked For PC

Information about the program:
Year: 2012
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Multilingual
File size: 14.5 MB
BSPlayer - one of the leaders among the professional media players. The perfect quality, the ability to scale the image, melkotravchataya load on the processor, support for subtitles, the ability to view the movie in several languages, define additional functionality missing codecs on your computer, receive update their codecs - the main features of this player.

The program is designed to run on operating systems Windows. Supports virtually all formats, so as to decode applied to the system decoder DirectShow. In addition, support from the play list (BST own format and import of M3U), connect external subtitles, capture individual frames of video. The interface uses interchangeable "skins" and allows you to customize the appearance (including size). Starting with version 2.0 software has acquired a new component (media library), whose mission is to organize a custom collection of audio and video files.

• Support for playlists
• Displaying the subtitle
• Multilingual interface
• Resize
• Supports Drag-and-drop
• Full support for interface skins
• Support for AVI files with more than 2 audio streams
• Support for embedded subtitles
• Custom playback modes
• Displays video file on your desktop

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