Pocket God v1.1 For Android

What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God and discover the answer within yourself.

Pocket God is an episodic microgame for you to explore, show your friends and have fun with. It contains multiple locations with many hilarious scenarios, exciting mini-games and hidden secrets for you to uncover.

Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher

How to Log into Multiple Facebook Accounts

I have seen many people having multiple Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, Myspace IDs. I myself have multiple Gmail IDs. Well, the reason? If you ask me then, I would say it’s mainly for privacy sake. I keep one account for personal use and other for general use. You may have some other reason. Well, now a question arises, how do you login to multiple accounts simultaneously? You might have observed that you can’t login to multiple accounts simultaneously in the same browser. For this very reason I decided to list some solutions. They not only apply for Facebook but also for Orkut, Gmail, Myspace, Yahoo, etc

Get free customized 2011 Green calendar

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. Saint-Gobain glass presents Glass is Green where you can know how Glass can be helpful in making our environment Green and healthy. They are giving free customized 2011 Green calendar where the calendar will be customized with your name.