My Name Is Khan 2010 Pre-DvD

Cast - Shahrukh Khan, Kajol , Jimmy Shergill, Zarina Wahab, Parveen Dabbas, Arif Zakaria, Navneet Nishan, Sheetal Menon, Tanay Cheda, Arjun Mathur, Sonya Jehan 

Genre............: Social
Distributor......: Dharma Productions
Year.............: 2010
Cast.............: Shahrukh Khan , Kajol ,Soniya Jehan ,Jimmy Shergill ,Zarina Wahab
Source...........: Intellect Clever - ICtv
Format...........: P-DVD
SUBTITLE ........:
Audio Format.....: AC3
Audio Languages..: Hindi  

Worm 3D rip [Portable]

Worms 3D is a turn-based strategy game developed by Team17. The game was the first in the series to be in 3D and also featured several new weapons. Additionally, some of the weapons operations are substantially different from previous Worms titles.

When you start the game you have some options like Single Player, Quick start, options, and multiplayer.This game is a turn based strategy. You will be against another person/computer with worms randomly placed. The mission is to use your available weapons to wipe out all of your opponents worms. Some weapons are guns, bombs, and others. The player can also create their own team of worms. In the single player mode, there are campaign missions, tutorials, and challenges that help the player unlock items, stages, Wormapedia pages, and worm voices.

The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP)

The Red Star (2010/ENG/PSP) | 535 MB

Genres: Arcade / 3D

The Red Star is based on the comic book series of the same name, telling against the Special Forces of the United Republics of the Red Star with the wild eastern magi nomadic tribes. A compelling, visually elegant example of a military chronicle of the parallel world, where the communist system is intertwined with technomage. Mixture beat'em up and shooter allows players to wreak destruction among the hundreds of enemies, using both cold and fire (energy) weapons.
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Java Games 2010 Mix

69 Games:
Avatar,bad-manga-girls,balda ,bare-knuckle-combating-chaos ,Battle-of-Legends ,battleships_2010_sea_on_fire,ben_10_alien_force ,Book_Of_Masters ,brain-challenge ,braincoach2,bubble_town ,3bog ,3D_ski_jumping_2010 ,sid-meiers-civilization-iv-defenders
,Puzzle_Club ,Anno_Create_a_New_World ,antikiller_ru_benq ,AquaWorld ,ASC2 ,ASTERIX ,Castlevania_Chinese ,chestnyjj_gaishnik ,China_Dragon ,Clone_3D ,COD_MW2 ,Collapse2010_W910 ,Crazy_Penguin_Catapult ,CubeSmashers ,disciples ,Earthworm_Jim ,Ffidothon ,Finding_the_Milu ,Footbag_Freestyle ,gf_whacamole ,GH5 ,GR ,greatwall ,Infecct ,Jimmy-2-Shoes ,Legendary_soul

BumpTop Pro 1.50

BumpTop is a fun, intuitive, 3D desktop that keeps you organized and makes you more productive. It combines the look and feel of a real desk with the power of your PC. You can pile your files, flip through websites and toss your photos up to Twitter or Facebook quickly and easily, right from your desktop. Advanced search and sort capabilities make sure you can find your files when you need them. Personalize your desktop with custom themes, sticky notes and photo slideshows and turn your desktop into a useful, fun space instead of a graveyard of lost or forgotten files.

25 New Animated Themes for Windows 7

� BlackSeven
� OS-X
� Lost
� Avatar Glass
� Annihilation
� Urban Helix
� Black Line In The Horizon
� Fr@ctal
� Blue Spheres
� Black Horizon
� Black Panther
� Snow Leopard
� SkullHulla
� Mac 7 OSX
� Blue Pipes
� Fairy-tale
� Glass rose
� Dark Spooky
� InnerCity In Vitro Full Glass
� Enjoy
� Anubis
� Web Theme
� Virtuality Style
� Midnight Glass Nature
� BlUe BlAcK

Armageddon Squadron For Nokia 5800, N97

Armageddon Squadron For Nokia 5800, N97


Armageddon Squadron is an arcade flight simulator for symbian touch device such as Nokia 5230, N97, X6 and 5530.
Armageddon Squadron offers gameplay value unmatched among mobile games.
  • 12 mission campaign mode
  • 4 time trial courses
  • Arcade mode – decide your own game rules
  • Ground, air and sea targets
  • 5 different aircraft
  • Auto locking system makes dogfights a joy
  • Top-down view for precision bombing