Krazy Kart Racing v1.2.7 For Android

The most extensive iPhone Kart Racing game of all times is now available for Android! Get into your kart and experience the thrill of speed on 16 varied race tracks. Compete in 5 different singleplayer modes with 10 well-known Konami characters in 3D cartoon style or challenge up to 6 of your friends in local or internet wifi multiplayer mode.

Levi’s Freebies Daily Contest

Levi’s has come up with Freebies daily contest where you can win lots of freebies everyday by just giving few answers. To visit the competition page, click below where you need to select an option from ‘For the gals’ and ‘For the guys’ and depending upon your choice, you need to answer few questions. 

Free sample of Clean & Clear Clearing Daily Scrub

After Neutrogena Deepclean, Johnson and Johnson is giving free sample of yet another product which is Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub. As the name suggest this will be a scrub which can be used daily to remove the blackheads but I do not have more info about this product right now and will surely add when come to know about it.

How To Create Funny Facebook Smiley Faces

Suddenly a question caught my attention, What r all the smiley faces on facebook chat? You need them badly when you are chatting on Facebook. Smiley faces adds to touch of humor and personality to your messages. When your friend on the other end cracks a joke or fires up a sarcastic dialog, smiley faces are the best fashion to express your opinion. Sometimes you lose words to express your emotions and fill the gaps with smileys. Whatever be your mood, elated, jocund, puffed up, or you just wanna wink, smiley faces expresses your state of mind. We are going show you how to create some cool Facebook smiley faces in a jiffy.

Get Free Sample Of Neutrogena Deep Clean

Neutrogena Deep Clean is the latest face cleanser which is said to remove 99% skin impurities by deep cleansing method. It is priced at Rs. 85 for a 50 ml pack. But they are giving away a free sample of Neutrogena Deep Clean.

SPB Mobile Shell v3.7.537 For S60V5

SPB Mobile Shell - a new generation of user interfaces for your smartphone!
A wonderful program for our smartphones, which can do the following:
- Create a realistic 3D animation in the menu
- Huge selection of widgets
- Ability to change styles and design
- Beautiful and realistic graphics
- Widget weather like SPB Weather is already included in the kit
- Ease of use