Top 30 Free Paid Survey Sites

If you want to make easy money sitting in the comfort of your own home
then survey sites are the best place for you. You can easily make money
sitting on your computer while doing nothing more than answering as many
questions as you feel like doing. Another pulse point is to join those sites
are absolutely free.
So, here is a list of 30 good paying survey sites

1. Brand institute
It is leading a site which is dedicated to innovative development of brand
naming and identity solutions. Actually it is a medical based survey site. If
your job is related to drugs and pharma industries, then you have a good
opportunity by participating in paid survey. Also other international
members are welcome. Usually brand institute pays $10 to $30 for each
2. Global Test Market
It is another leading consumer research site which sends a lot of paid survey
internationally. Its paying method is based on market point. Each survey
typically offers 50 to 100 market point, and its 1000 market points are equal
to $50. One more thing Global test market offers its survey in many
languages. It sends payment by check in local currency in many countries.
Its minimum payout is $50.
3. Survey Savvy
Survey savvy is a largest internationally member holder survey site. It has
more then 3 million members worldwide. It is a great site for IT and
computer professionals because its maximum surveys are related to IT
industries. It pays nearly $20 for each survey and its minimum payout is
only $25. Also it has a good referral program. You get paid $2 for each
survey completed by your direct referral and $1 by your indirect referral.
4. Ciao Survey International
Ciao provides more surveys like then other sites. It pays up to $6.50 for per
completed survey. In many countries it is paying local currency; also it is
supporting payment via Paypal.
5. Permission Research
It is another new online survey panel. If you fit the demographic for the
current surveys then you can immediately get started with a survey today.
And if you do not qualify, you will get an instant reward of $5 after joining
this panel. Its minimum payout is $25 and its payment method is PayPal.
6. American Consumer Opinion Panel
It is an American based survey site but it is open to all world wide people.
Typically its pays $4 to $25 for each completed survey. After each paid
survey, it delivers payment within 4 weeks by check or American Express
gift checks. For surveys it has panels in 9 different languages. Some time it
offers to test new products.
7. Planet Pulse
It is one of the largest online communities of survey and its runs in 20
countries. It has hundreds of groups across Asia Pacific and Middle East. It
pays up to $5 for per completed survey. The negative point is it runs point
scheme that is called Pulse. Normally surveys are 100 to 500 pluses. To
redeem for cash, member must have a minimum of 2500 Pulses that is equal
to $25.
8. Spidermetrix
It is an Australian based site but it open for a lot of countries. It runs points
system that is called spider points. It also has a good referral scheme. Its
minimum payout is $50 and payment method is Paypal. In Australia it pays
by check also.
9. Treasure Trooper
Treasure trooper is a unique paid site because it provides two surveys daily
for its qualified members. It also provides some fun offers and also it has a
good referral program. One more thing member can participate in its forum
and can some extra cash. Normally it pays $0.75 to $1 for each survey and
minimum payout is $20
10. Netverdix
It is another unique paid site because its minimum payout is absolutely low,
only $2. And normally it pays $2 or more for each survey, so anyone can
request payment only one completed survey. Also its minimum age
requirement is only 13 year. Its payment method is check.
11. QSample
It is a recently launched site and promise to its members to pay instantly via
Paypal after completing an online survey. In this site members decide how
many surveys they want to take in a month. Typically it pays $1 to $15 for
each completed survey.
12. Light Speed Consumer Panel
It is wire and plastic products based site. It pays $0.5 to $6 for each
completed survey and its minimum payout is only $5.
13. Cash Crate
Cash crate is a reputable legitimate get paid to complete offers and daily
surveys programs. It pays $1 for per completed offers and minimum payout
is $20. Further it has 5 level referral programs for its members. Cash create
paid by check.
14. Green Field Online
Green field online has been operated since 1994 and it associated and
acquired with some other good paying paid survey sites. Its average cash
reward per completed online survey is $1 to $5. Minimum payout is only $5
and minimum age requirement is only 13 year.
15. My
It is a great site. Formerly it was known as Survey Direct. Member gets paid
$1 to $15 for per completed survey. This site is good for high school student
because its minimum age requirement is only 13 year. Its minimum payout
is $25.
16. Permission Research
Permission research is basically an online market research community and
its surveys are normally related to internet and software. It has over 2
million members worldwide. To join this site, new member need to install
their software. In the survey site members get a lot of free software.
17. Survey Head
It is another new online survey panel. If you fit the demographic for the
current surveys then you can immediately get started with a survey today.
And if you do not qualify, you will get an instant reward of $5 after joining
this panel. For every completed survey members account will be credited
with cash. Its minimum payout is $25 and its payment method is PayPal.
18. FocusLine
It conducts online interviews about a variety of consumer oriented topics. It
pays typically $25 to $45 for each completed survey. Teens can joins this
site because its minimum age requirement is only 13 years.
19. YourSay
At this site you can share your opinions on products and services. The
uniqueness of YoursSay is you may take surveys by phone or in-person. For
cash payment it pays $15 to $100 for each completed project.
20. Clear Voice Surveys
It is new survey panel and it is different from other survey sites, most
survey sites only pay you for survey you qualify for and complete. Clear
voice will pay you for each survey you participate in. Clear voice run cash
and rewards system, for cash you can request your payment through PayPal
and for gift you can get gift certificates for Minimum payout
threshold for PayPal account is $10.
21. Planet Panel
Planet panel conducts online survey on a variety of subjects like products
and services offered by different companies, current events, government
policies etc. it refer a lottery point for each completed survey. Lottery point
used for monthly draws for grand prize of $1000 and other one of many $50
22. eLab Vanderbilt University
This survey site is conducted by Vanderbilt University. It takes survey to
know how to people behave in digital world. This university holds a
drawing for cash prize of $250 or more every month.
23. Valued Opinions
Valued opinion offers its panelists with lots of interesting free surveys for
cash and gift cards. Average cash reward for online survey is $2 to $5 and
its minimum payout is $20.
24. Test and Vote
It gives offers to its members to test products for free and get paid for it. A
new one can take part in paid surveys and paid voting. It gives both cash
and gift vouchers. Member can also get a chance to win grand prize of
$1000 in cash every month. To referral others member can make some extra
25. Harris Poll Online
Become a member of the Harris Poll Online and you will have the
opportunity to influence important decision makers in government,
corporations, and non-profit organizations. You can help shape the policies,
products, and services they offer you. Harris poll appreciates your
participation and to show you that, it has given away cash prizes ranging
from $50 to our grand prize of $10,000.
26. NPD Online Research
It is a research team that provides a chance to win cash or prizes for taking
surveys. When any one join this site he will entered into a drawing for
$1000 and it provides surveys members will be entered into a drawing for
cash or other prizes.
Esearch is another online survey that pays cash to their panelists. It was one
of the first sites to develop an online research panel. After completing every
survey members will automatically enter into a drawing for special prize.
Also it pays for each completed survey.
28. Survey Lion
Survey lion is a Canadian based survey site. It pays near about $5 for each
completed survey. The minimum payout amount for it is $25. It has a good
referral system for their Canadian member. If you join this site, then you
will get $5 bonus on your Survey Lion account.
29. Socratic Forum
It is a web and technologies based survey site. Normally its surveys are
related to new technologies, new software, business to business products, ecommerce
etc. every new member will be entered into a monthly drawing to
win $100. Also members are created for gift and cash rewards by
participating in surveys.
30. Question Market
You can become a member of Question Market by taking their short
registration survey. Every time you participate in a QuestionMarket survey,
you will earn QM-Points which can be traded in for cash rewards. Just for
joining, you will automatically earn 100 QM-Points, which will be added
immediately to your account. From time-to-time you could also earn an
entry into a cash sweepstakes and win up to an additional $500.
To make a good income by paid surveys you need to join at least 100
paid survey sites. Because every survey sites provide a few surveys in a
month. If you join more than 100 paid survey sites then you will easily
get 4 to 6 or more survey invitation in a day. Typically every survey
reward is $1 to $20. And if you are a US native then you will get $1 to
$75 for each survey.


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