Auto-Submit Content To Digg

Do you want to submit the content of your blog automatically to DIGG, well new version of have some cool feature and this one of the best thing that they have come up with all new Digg.
Its pretty simple, no rocket science, you just need to submit your blog feed to Digg and verify that you are the legitimate owner of your blog.

Just follow few steps
1. Login to your Digg account
2. Go to account Settings
3.  click Import feed
4. Submit your blog RSS feed URL( like ) and click add feed
5. After that you need to verify ownership of your feed. verifying your feed establishes that you are the owner of this content and allows Digg to auto-submit your stories as they are published.
To verify your feed:
  • Take the verification key shown and add it to a new post of your blog, for quick addition you can create a test post (which you can delete it later) then click “Verify Now”
  • Note that RSS auto-submit does not submit content already residing in your feed, so once it is verified please add a new entry to test things out. Please allow some time for the new entry to get pulled in.
Please note that it will not work if you add verification code to already published article, for that you need to create a new post, so better you create a new TEST post verify the key and delete after that.
With Digg you can sky rocket your blog traffic, if you have strong community and following up there. So quickly make use of this new feature and get on with Digg
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