Sun Clock v6.5

Sun Clock is a desktop application for Windows.
It shows the time around the world - and much more.
Release year: 2010
OS: Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista

All versions of Sun Clock — except the Vista gadget version — contain the following features:

  • The surface of the world is represented using satellite imagery from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre enhanced with 3D terrain data to give a colourful portrayal of the physical geography of the planet. In Sun Clock 6.5 the image has been enhanced to change subtly throughout the year reflecting the seasonal advance and retreat of ice caps, snow cover, and vegetation.
  • Sun Clock in its wide-screen format
  • The moving shadow covers the area on the globe where the sun is below the horizon. Where neither the sun nor the moon can be seen, the shadow is darker still.
  • As an area becomes covered by the night-time shadow, town and city lights are turned on. Their brightness is in proportion to the population size.
  • To help you plan international phone calls, a "fast forward" dial allows you to advance the time shown on the Sun Clock.
  • The time is displayed at every point the cursor touches as you move it over the map.
  • The analogue clock shows the current phase of the moon
  • You can place boxes on the map to display the time continuously at your chosen locations. The boxes are white before noon, after noon they are yellow.
  • You can choose your locations from a database of more than 2,700 cities, or enter your own additional locations.
  • The centre of the analogue clock shows the current phase of the moon.
  • You can choose to centre the world map on one location (e.g. head office) while your analogue clock shows the time at another location (e.g. your branch office).
  • You can choose to display the different times zones in bands of colour.
  • Sun Clock can be configured for different screen sizes including wide format screens. In wide-format mode, the world map fills most of the screen.
  • Sun Clock is a stand-alone Windows application which can be configured as a screensaver.
  • The display in Sun Clock 6 and 6.5 can be translated into languages other than English. 

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