Send Invisible Scrap In ORKUT

Orkut's spam control feature does not allow people to scrap without any texts. Orkut applied this feature to control spamming. yup, you can never post scraps without writing anything in it, which means you can never scrap an invisible scrap.
But still, we can do that using some simple tricks. Here, on Orkut Guide, we will guide you to do this. Lets learn how...


Step1: Open your Friends orkut scrapbook and above right corner of "write"       field, click on "HTML".

Step2: Then write [i] and submit it, an invisible scrap would be posted.

Note: Don't Write Anything Else [i]
You can try these various combinations also if u want to send a big no of invisible scraps, as after your few submissions it will start displaying the message "message sent too recently". So try these combinations out:
Send Invisible Orkut Scraps
And just keep on increasing it will continue no limits...

One Another Method : Enter no space b/etween the symbol and number, blank scrap will be sent.

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