SPB Mobile Shell v3.7.537 For S60V5

SPB Mobile Shell - a new generation of user interfaces for your smartphone!
A wonderful program for our smartphones, which can do the following:
- Create a realistic 3D animation in the menu
- Huge selection of widgets
- Ability to change styles and design
- Beautiful and realistic graphics
- Widget weather like SPB Weather is already included in the kit
- Ease of use

Version: 3.7.537
Developer: SPB Software
Language: English / Russian
Platform: Symbian OS 9.4


-Improved full screen mode. There is a display of almost all the icons. Not implemented: the distinction icons for EDGE and 3G.
-Remade card contacts. Now you can choose the action for each number (call, send sms, video call, etc.)
-To widget "contact" added a new action by default: open a contact card in the system
-You can delete a photo from a contact card
-In the gallery of images added options sorts of images (partially implemented)

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