Get Free Sample Of Neutrogena Deep Clean

Neutrogena Deep Clean is the latest face cleanser which is said to remove 99% skin impurities by deep cleansing method. It is priced at Rs. 85 for a 50 ml pack. But they are giving away a free sample of Neutrogena Deep Clean.

All you have to do is to just SMS DEEPCLEAN (without space) to 58888 and as soon as you send it, you will receive a confirmation message asking for the name and address and you will need to just send it to another number. After that you will receive a final confirmation message stating that your free sample will be delivered to your address soon.

But remember that the above said SMS number is a premium number and hence premium SMS rates apply but still you may get a free sample worth at least Rs. 85 or even at least Rs. 50 or around of the Neutrogena! and hence may be worth it to spend on the 2 SMSes.

Just SMS DEEPCLEAN TO 58888 to start with and proceed to request for the free sample of Neutrogena Deep Clean face cleanser.


I smsed the said key word and was charged 3 rupees and got a confirmtation saying I would henceforth get updates on Deepika Padukone!

If the link has expired..why is it still put up?!

Annoying! U should not cheat people like this!

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