How To Install Move2SD Enabler

As everyone know that App2SD can't move all apps to SD. So, we will use Move2SD Enabler for each installation .apk can be set automatically in order to move all to the SD memory card (External). So applications that previously could not be transferred to the SD card 
because it does not yet support the storage to the SD, could be moved even though there are few applications that really make a rule can not be moved (phone only). This method can save the use of internal memory. there is a shortage of this method, if we connect to a PC using USB Storage mode, then the application is moved to SD, can not run (Force Close).
Here is the Tutorial:

 Move all applications to SD card.

1. Root your device first. tutorial how to rooting here.  
  2. download move2SD enabler 
link1 Or link2
3. extrack move2SD enabler(if u download from link 2) and install.
4. restart the device.
5. open move2sd enabler. tap I've read it > next.
6. will appear like this: select external > apply.

now, when you install applications will be installed on the SD card.
debugging mode should be On before doing this

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