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You must have heard or even tried Auction sites where we bid for products and the highest bidder wins , the one live example of this is Ebay. Items available on auction will be sold to the Bidder who submits the Lowest Unique Bid. 

The one site which is making this concept live is .On Jeetle, a member can place number of bids on a product and the bidder having the lowest unique bid will be awarded the product. It is revolutionary concept where all you need to do is place a bid which is unique as well as lowest and you could win products like Nokia N97, Sony Cybershot, Lenovo Netbook, LCD, LED, Plasma, Panasonic, LG at unbelievable prices.

How to get free points for Bidding on Jeetle:
Jeetle is offering all its facebook fans a promotional coupon which gives 500 points .To get this coupon you need to Like their facebook Fan page but if you don't have facebook account. Just use the Coupon code o928t and you are good to go.To get free Bid points, follow these easy steps:
  1. Visit Jeetle and click on Register now.
  2. Fill up the form and create a new account .After that Go to the Right side , click on "Promotional Code"
  3. Put the code o928t into the box.
  4. Put your mobile number which you have registered with jeetLe.(else please go to My Account & Change/correct the number)
  5. Put your verification code in the box received via SMS .
All done!! Now you have 500 points in your account , use these points and start bidding on products of your choice.


code is expire please tell me a new code

sorry, i don't have new code. when gives a new code i wiil update with a new post

how can i get code

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