Make Money And Get Free Prizes By Using

Use Lockerz Alternative and Receive Free Stuff and Prizes – Review is a free Internet auction service, where you can bid on real-world items with the help of digital currency, which is being given away for free at Fribiz.

First of all, you get your first points for registering at this website with below link:


After this you can start bidding on items, participating in contests, playing games and referring your friends to this website and get rewarded for it (all these activities will add up to your account points).
If you want to know which prizes I have won, take a look below

Fribiz proofs – prizes I won and received

Right now I have received two prizes and am still waiting for one to arrive. I got very excited with my new mouse (which I got from Fribiz owners), so I have won an identical one for my friend, also I got a USB-card reader, which should arrive pretty soon.

Prize 1 (Received) – USB Optical Mouse

My Fribiz prize

Prize 2 (Pending) – All-In-One USB Card Reader proof and prizes

Prize 3 (Received) – USB Optical Mouse (Finger-tip)

Prize received from

All these things where mailed to my regular mailbox and right now I am over the moon from happiness. is open to people from all over the world and prizes are being shipped for free. Fribiz owners have great advertisers, who pay for all these prizes, so don’t even think that this is a scam. I got my prizes and even money (if gift cards are counted as money).


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