Promote your blog And Earn From It

No matter how popular your blog is, there is always not enough if you are rather ambitious blog owner. So the question on how to spread a word about the site always remains on the bloggers’ agenda. Today, we are going to present a new service, based on a Twitter mini-blogging platform, developed by a respected blogger, Nick Cardot
 The site is called Dagaloo, and it is described as “an intense social media sharing community”.
Here’s the basic concept at the heart of this program: help another user by tweeting out a link to their content and in return another user will tweet out a link to your content. Practical implementation is very simple and straightforward. You join the community (where you sign up with your Twitter ID and password).  You then tweet a link to share another member’s content with your followers.  Each time you send a tweet, you are awarded points.  The point system is based on your Klout score. 

Then you submit your own content and community members will tweet your links to their own followers and earn credits from you for the effort.

To avoid the system misuse, there is a limit for tweets submission to only 1 tweet per 90 seconds, so hopefully as you browse the site, you’ll take the time to find content that you’re truly impressed with to share with others.

Register and promote:

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