Must Have Firefox Add-ons for Facebook & Twitter

Social networking is rapidly growing these days, with a massive number of application, plug-ins and addons supporting the growth, so the following are some of the best Firefox addons for Facebook and Twitter that we chose to showcase in this article.1. FacePAD: Facebook Photo Album Downloader

This add-on lets you download photo albums from Facebook with a single click. Apart from your friends’ Facebook albums, you can download event and group albums as well. To download photos from a friend’s album just right-click on the name of a Facebook album and click the ‘Download Album with FacePAD’ option.
And, to download photos from a an album from Events or Groups Album, you must right-click on the ‘See All’ link on the main page of the group or respective event.

2. Facebook Toolbar for Firefox

Facebook Toolbar adds Facebook search and activity notifications to Mozilla Firefox. It enables you to view friends and share content without having to visit Facebook.
You get notifications via a pop-up when your friends update their status, upload new photos, write new notes, or interact with you on Facebook. It even tells you how many friend requests, messages, event and group invitations you have.

3. Boost for Facebook

The perfect extension to customize your Facebook experience with more than 300 skins. It also includes other interesting features like auto poke, auto login, video downloader, rollover images and more.

4. Facebook Video

This Firefox extension enables Facebook users to share videos with friends outside of Facebook.
It provides options to download, convert video, and customize the embed code. It has options to change the resolution of the embed code and whether to enable/disable auto-play. Users can select the ‘update’ embed code option to view changes in the code.

5. Facebook Universal Uploader

This extension enables you to upload and download files from your favorite websites using a easy-to-use interface.
It currently supports Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Google Docs, Rapidshare and more. Some of the intriguing features of this extension are,
  • It shows the local folders and remote folders which enables you to upload files by single click.
  • It enables you to upload any number of files at a time.
  • You can upload files to multiple websites using a simple interface.
  • Ability to add multiple accounts and upload files to each account independently.

6. Facebook ChatBar+

This add-on provides you with a set of emoticons for use in Facebook chat.
One can click on any of the emoticons to insert them in Facebook chat. The emoticons toolbar is placed at the top of each chat window for convenient access.

Firefox Extensions for Twitter

7. TinyTweet

This Firefox add-on makes it (really) easy for you to tweet any text on any web page with a single click. Once you install this extension, just highlight any text on any web page, and click on the “tweet this” button. A short link is created automatically, and the selected text is ready to be tweeted.

8. TwitKit

TwitKit is a Twitter sidebar for Firefox. It allwos you to view the public timeline on Twitter and your user timeline. You can see the list of your friends and followers, and their latest tweets.
It also provides you with a variety of color schemes to suit your preferable appearance.

9. Twitbin

Right from the comfort of your browser Twitbin enables you to keep up with all your Twitter conversations. You can send/receive messages, share links and more.

10. Echofon for Twitter

This is a status bar icon for your browser that notifies you about your friends tweets. You can also view updates in a timeline and post your own tweets.
Some of its key features are,
  • Instant notifications of new Tweets right in your browser.
  • Handles multiple Twitter accounts
  • Syncs unread tweets with your iPhone when you use Echofon Pro for iPhone.
  • Quickly post links to current page in Firefox.

11. TwitterBar

TwitterBar is an interesting Firefox extension which allows you to post to Twitter from Firefox’s address bar. A small Twitter icon appears to the right of your address bar. Just by clicking on it, you can post your tweet, and mouse over to see the number of characters left in the tweet.
To send the web page link you are browsing as a tweet, just click the Twitter icon. Pretty simple and useful, isn’t it?

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