Lockerz: Earn Points & Redeem Free Gifts

Lockerz is a membership only site. It's free, but you have to be invited by another member.Log in and answer a daily question to get like, 10 points~
You can get gifts like games, clothing and they offer tickets to HUGE concerts.The site launches publicly October 15th, so you can’t sign up regularly, You must be invited!!When you sign up you get a chance to play this game, where you move a basket around and catch falling points. I got 30 to start.Its too bad compare to others. be careful at first time get maximum in first try….!!

Stuff here is really cheap, Wii/360 games are like 35-50 points total. Wii’s are 250 points, Macbooks are 1000 points,Apple Ipod Touch Screen 600 Points & More.Outside US extra 20 ptz shipping charge Just Leave Your Email Id as comment & i'll send you invite.

I have already blogged about lockerz Today i received my Z-list member t-shirt by mail i am really impressed by their service.Some blog readers are told me hat lockerz is just scam but it is not right they are not a scam.I got my package it contains T-shirt,Card& Lockerz Sticker t-shirt is really good at back of t-shirt the Z logo is printed i really liked their t-shirt & all their service

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