Google AdSense Program on C2W now

Now i will tell the way by which you can get your adsense account aproved & which is legal so you can start earning with adsense.i have already blogged about C2W And their offers now i will show you how to get your adsense account just follow simple steps given below.

1)Login to your c2w account if you don't have then make new one.
2)Create at least 15 contests to get your adsense account approved
3)Now Click on Google Adsense program navigation block

4)Enter your Email Address and choose one of the 2 options provided, i.e.Create a new Google AdSense Account for me, or Associate my existing Google AdSense Account
5)Choose First option ‘Create a new Google AdSense Account for me’, your will receive an Email from Google. Follow the link in the mail to complete the registration process.It will take a few days for the account association and approval.And once you get approval you can use your account to other sites too.

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