Hermit Premium - Lite Apps Browser v4.1.0

Hermit Premium Lite Apps Browser v4.1.0
Requirements: Android 4.4+
Overview: Native apps eating up battery and slowing down your phone, even when you’re not using them?

Create your own shell apps for any web site — for better security, privacy & battery life. Skip downloading native apps that require all sorts of permissions and eat up battery.


Hermit includes a Library that offers alternatives to Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Reddit, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, IMDb, TripAdvisor and more. There’s no need to download a separate wrapper app for every web site. (Note: WhatsApp only works on a second phone or tablet, and requires Lollipop or higher).


Hermit makes Lite Apps first-class citizens on Android. Here are several features that make Hermit Lite Apps better than Chrome’s home-screen icons.

FULLY INTEGRATED LITE APPS: They look and behave like true native apps. Unlike Chrome, Hermit does not open a new tab every time you tap on a home-screen icon. If you already have a Lite App open, Hermit will bring it up instantly.

— SEPARATE COOKIES TO LIMIT TRACKING: Cookies in Hermit are stored separately from Chrome, so any tracking scripts that can track your usual browsing behavior (e.g. the Facebook Like button) cannot track your activity in Hermit.

— BOOKMARKS: Create your own navigation bar for any Lite App. Put your most accessed content at your fingertips. Hermit ensures that only bookmarks relevant to the current Lite App are shown in the Sidebar, not all hundreds like you may have in Chrome.

— THEMES: Change theme colors, pick from a million different combinations.

— FULL-SCREEN & FRAMELESS modes. Want to use every pixel of your phone screen? Or leave the top and bottom bars in, but still maximize the Lite App? Both options are customizable in Hermit.

— PHOTOS, VIDEOS, & FILE UPLOADS are all fully supported on Lollipop and above.

— NO BACKGROUND USAGE: Hermit stops Lite Apps when you are not actively using them. Lite Apps don’t run in the background, making battery life better than using the corresponding native apps.

— FEATURE TOUR: If you are new to Hermit, definitely take the Feature Tour to learn how it works.

- PRIVACY SETTINGS: Detailed privacy settings for Lite Apps. You can turn on or off each kind of content that Lite Apps want to access, including geolocation, photos, videos, and file uploads.

— BETTER PERMISSIONS SETTINGS THAN EVEN ANDROID 6.0 MARSHMALLOW: Even on Android Marshmallow, once a native app is granted a permission, it can continue to use it in the background. Not with Hermit. See the screenshots for clear, fine-grained privacy and permissions controls.

— BETTER BATTERY THAN EVEN ANDROID 6.0 MARSHMALLOW: Doze mode on Android Marshmallow only works when your phone is not moving. Otherwise all apps are allowed to access the network in the background, so your battery keeps getting depleted. With Hermit, Lite Apps consume zero battery when you are not using them, because they cannot run in the background.

— MORE SECURE IN A SANDBOX: Since Lite Apps are HTML5 apps, they run in their own sandbox, so you cannot get a virus or malware from a Lite App.

— ABSOLUTELY NO ADS OR UPGRADE NAGS: The free version is yours to use forever, for everyone. All features are 100% enabled, and there are no ads or upgrade nags. The free version allows unlimited use of up to two Lite Apps. The Premium upgrade can be used to create an unlimited number of Lite Apps.


Hermit works on Android KitKat and above, but requires Lollipop for certain features:
— Photo and video uploading
— Recent Apps integration
— Status bar theme color
— WhatsApp requires a new version of the WebView component, only available on Lollipop.


• NEW: Open links in Lite App, Load images & Do Not Track settings can be applied to individual Lite Apps separately, not globally to all apps.
• FIX: Icons are now larger than they used to be, while still following Material Design guidelines.
• FIX: Allow copying the Notification Feed URL after it has been auto-configured.

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