JiMz WhatsApp Plus v6.21 For Android (Update: 26 January 2016)

Download JiMz WhatsApp Plus v6.21 (Update: 26 January 2016)
Requirement: Android 2.1+
Overview: JiMz WhatsApp+ is a customized/Modded version of Whatsapp with many new features.
It is available to download and install in your android smartphones only.

Key Features of JiMz WhatsApp+:
  • EXTRA UPLOAD LIMIT : In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.
  • SEND ORIGINAL PIC : You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot)
  • AD FREE : No adds as per original WhatsApp
  • QUICK SHARE : You can share music just with one click.
  • PARTIAL COPY/PASTE : You can select the part you want to copy from text rather copying whole text and send it to people in your contact.
  • WATCH STATUS : You can directly watch status in the chat screen from JiMz WhatsApp Plus v6.21
  • HIDE PROFILE PICTURE : You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen).

How to Install JiMz Whatsapp+?
  1. Take Backup of your Chat from official Whatsapp. 
  2. Delete or Uninstall the Official WhatsApp. REMEMBER: DON NOT CLEAR DATA/CACHE.
  3. Now Download JiMz WhatsApp+ v6.21 APK file(link given below) and save it in your PC or Phone.
  4. Open the JiMz Whatsapp+ 6.21 APK file and install the same in your Android smartphone.
  5. Now follow the screen instruction. Put your number for Verification. After Clicking "OK", You will see "RESTORE CHAT" button. Click on it.
  6. Congratulation, now you successfully installed the JiMz WhatsApp+ v6.21 in your device.
  7. Now, Enjoy JiMz WhatsApp Plus.
*Note : Also remember to enable the option to install the third party apps
 How to Install JiMz Whatsapp+ Theme :

1. Download JiMz WA+ 6.21 Theme(from below).
2. Extract "Theme" folder and Move it to Whatsapp folder in your device.
It should be like this . . . sdcard/WhatsApp/Theme/saved/
3. Click on "+" icon --> More(below "download themes") -->Load--> Saved--> Click on JiMz WA+ 6.21 theme.xml

Features version JiMz WhatsApp Plus 6.21:

- Fully Transparent Theme
- More than 10 launcher icons Added
- Send more than 10 photos simultaneously from Gallery
- Support Themes Again
- Show "New" word next to the new themes when added in Themes Server
- Increase caption size of photos/videos from 500 to 3,000 characters
- Save previewed photos ( by pressing menu button , then "Download" ) to save it in your device with no need to Internet
- Fixes with Contacts profile pics in Conversation Screen
- Other fixes

# 2 Versions of 5.12:
1. JiMz Whatsapp+ 5.12j (With JiMz Custom icon)
2. JiMz Whatsapp+ 5.12t (With Transparent Silver Stock)

– Added Transparent chat bubbles
– Freeze Last Seen
– Hide Blue tick and 2nd tick.
Beautiful Laucher Icons + Notification Icon (By JiMz Ramgarhia)
– The ability to see pictures or Videos Without downloading
– Add messages counter in Groups
– Add audio clips run without loading feature
– Add hide messages talks password feature
– Send videos size of up to 16 megabytes
– Color and sizes complete control Options
– Hide the date and name when you copy more than one message
– Supports voice calls

 JiMz Whatsapp+ 6.21 Apk :


JiMz WA+ 6.21 Theme:



 JiMz Whatsapp+ 5.12j Apk :


JiMz Whatsapp+ 5.12t Apk :


 JiMz Whatsapp+ 4.11 Apk :


 JiMz Whatsapp+ 2.01 Apk (Not Working Now):

 Download JiMz WA+ Theme :


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