Stick Cricket v1.2.0 Cracked Apk With Patcher

Download Stick Cricket v1.2.0 Full Apk With Working Patch 
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview: At last! Stick Cricket® makes its debut on Android. “About time too”, we hear you cry.
Now you can carry the World’s most popular cricket game in your pocket. It’s all about shot selection and timing but only a master can hit every ball for six. Choose your team and face the world’s best bowlers as they try to get you out with some devious fast and spin deliveries. Watch out for those head-cracking bouncers!
PC Advisor, 2012
“Addictive and simple, but with enough challenge and complexity to keep even the most ardent players interested. Stick Cricket® is everything a casual game should be, and the Android app rocks.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 2012 -‘Top 25 best Android apps’
“A favourite of mine… very addictive”

Basic Features - for free:
* Stick Cricket® Academy – work on your batting prowess against our crack bowling line-up
* 5 Over All Star Slog – score as many runs as you can against the All Star bowling team
* World Domination Levels 1-3 – dominate the world one country at a time
* Detailed statistics
* 6 exclusive achievements to win
* Dynamic team updates

Upgrade Features – requires in-game purchase:
* 10 over All Star Slog
* 20 over All Star Slog
* All 14 levels of World Domination
* A further 5 exclusive achievements
* Stick Cricket® World Cup Edition*
* Stick Cricket® Premier League*

And if you’re still not convinced, this is what people have said about other versions of Stick Cricket®:

The Sunday Times – Top 500 Apps In The World
“This simple little app will bring you hours of pleasure, even if you are not a fan of cricket. For a game with only two buttons, it is surprisingly engaging and subtle.”

Sport Magazine, 2011 – Sticky Wicket
“The pleasure of Stick Cricket® is, of course, ignoring the finer points of the trying to mow every single ball for six. It's like seeing the world through Chris Gayle's eyes.”

Hindustan Times – Top 5 Cricket Apps
“Stick Cricket® is arguably the most popular cricket gaming app on the App Store. Stick Cricket® brings real teams, and real players right onto your handheld display.”

*World Cup Edition and Premier League are UNLOCKED.


1. Install the game.
2. Make sure you're not connected to internet.
3. Install "Stick Cricket v1.2.0 Patcher (JiMz freebies).apk" file.
4. Run the game(still net off). Exit.
5. Run the patch("Install patch" button)
6. Run the game(net off). Exit.
7. Turn internet on. Run game. 

Download Apk:


Download Patch Apk:


How to Download ???
1. Click on the download link
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on



I am receiving the error message when applying the patch: /data/data/com.sticksports/stickcricket/files/userdefault2.xml:open failed EACCESS (Permission denied)

Can you please assist.

@Aqil...There is a problem with some devices to apply patch. Because "/data/data/" is the system folder. So, Some phones(like yours) requires root to gain write access.
So, root your device and apply should work

for those having problems patching..
you need a rooted device if your facing the file not found error.
after root,get es file explorer and in the settings enable 'up to root' settings.
then go to the directory of stick cricket mentioned in the error and find the file userdefault2.xml . long press the file and go to properties.
there change the permission and select all .
now go to flight mode and install patch!

Hello, I'm having Samsung galaxy S GT- I9000 rooted with android version 4.2.2 semaphore kernel version 3.0.

Problem: I am receiving the error message when applying the patch: /data/data/com.sticksports/stickcricket/files/userdefault2.xml:open failed EACCESS (Permission denied)

Please help. Advance regards. are getting this message because your phone is not rooted.

I have rooted n now how do i go to directory mentioned in the error message....??? Plz help me root explorer

I have a rooted galaxy s3 I9300 running on Jellybean 4.1.2.
I am receiving the error message when applying the patch: /data/data/com.sticksports/stickcricket/files/userdefault2.xml:open failed EACCESS (Permission denied)
I did every possible thing to do it but it did not help

@Abhijeet...Its not compatible with Jellybean..

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