Sygic Navigation 12.2.1 Full Apk With WorldWide Maps

Download Sygic Navigation 12.2.1 Cracked Apk + WorldWide Maps 
Requirement: Android 2.0.1 or higher 
With over 20,000,000 downloads worldwide, Sygic is the most popular offline GPS navigation app.

Update : 17 Jan 2013 

 What's new:
- Solved problems with installation on some devices
- Contain further improvements and optimizations
- Improved map design

Password (if needed): ozut

How to install:

Method 1

1. Install Sygic 12.2.1 trial from Google Play Store

2. Start the application and downloads resources, etc.
3. Using a file explorer rename folder Sygic to Sygic_1
4. Uninstall Sygic 12.2.1 trial.
5. Install Sygic 12.2.1 full from:

6. Change folder name Sygic_1 back to Sygic.
7. Maps: copy to sygic Folder sdcard

Latest Maps:


8. Start Sygic application.

Method 2:

1. Copy to Sdcard/Sygic folder from below link
Sygic 12.2.1- Android + res + version folders



2. Copy into SD/Sygic/ Maps/WCL ,, content.lic,

WCL Folder+ + content.lic folders:


3. Maps folder copy to sygic Folder sdcard
Latest Maps:


4. Install Sygic 12.2.1 - full from:(copy to sdcard)

5. Start Sygic application. 



the password for the .rar files? thank you

for the encrip file what is the password?

I have a 159 kb file? What should I do? Why have not I apk file with 10 MB?
Please Help me :)

@Gary..its 10mb file. may be your download broke at 159kb.
Download it again. you will get a 10mb apk file..

Hi, Malaysia map is not available? The link seems dead. maps link is working fine. All links are working fine.

What if trial period has expired???

the Sygic 12.2.1 - full link seems to be down.

Hi, i can`t download the links "HERE"
It says that the server is with problems

The problem is only with the sygic 12.2.1 full link

@Ishan....if trial period expired, then here is the method:

A new version 12.2.2 is out can u update please?
In steps for installation should I activate trial version?
Thank you

@heshaman..Ya, i will update it to v12.2.2 within couple of days.
In steps for installation, you don't need to activate trial. Trial is only for downloading bas files.

Most Links are down
I guess ill have to wait for updated version
Can u explain more how to create map folder please?

@heshaman....create Sdcard/Sygic/Maps folder. and place the maps to it.
Example: Sdcard/Sygic/Maps/i01.mi.2012.01 (where i01.mi.2012.01 is a map folder)

Which links are down? please tell us so that we can update them.

The link for 12.2.1 trial version*not the cracked) is down

I did everything as you said in method 2, downloaded egypt map but when I start app it downloads resources then a window pops out asking to choose between trial 7days and activation, the same I get if I download app directly from store
P.s I didn't activate 7days trial b4

Plz fix crashed link and help me install the app

Sygic trial Link UPDATED and working now...enjoy..

Have problem to download full version, basically the link fail to be created after going through the process on speedshare. Could you please check it out, thanks.

i'm already using the 12.2.2 trial version, and i already donwnloaded the map i need from it.
do i have to delet everything, then instal again the 12.2.1 trial, download the map, delet 12.2.1 trial and instal the full version? or just rename the folder, delete 12.2.2 trial version then instal full 12.2.1?
thanks in advance.

Dear Jim I tried both methods and I keep getting initial screen saying no maps loaded then asks to choose between 7 days trial and activate/restore, is that normal or there is something wrong? was down for maintenance. But now its working. enjoy...

@cell...As i said in last comment that link is working now. Site was down for maintenance but now its working..

@deado...wait for 1 day, i will add v12.2.2 full version.

@@heshaman.. from where you download maps? from in app or from PC? This problem arises if you don't download maps from in-app.

I downloaded maps from your link directly to my note 10.1 sdcard and put it in map folder inside sygic, not from inside trial version, is that correct?

@heshaman..yes, as i already told you that this problem arises if maps are not downloaded from in-app.
Please download maps from app with wifi or 3g. Then it will work surely.

hi Jimz on point

2. Start the application and downloads resources, etc. -

did this app support internet connection via proxy wifi...? and how come I should download 200+ more mb...? am i doing something wrong..?

@Pay....yes it supports internet. you can use normal wifi or 3g to download resources and maps

do you have the crack for sygic 12.2.2 ?

yes dear. wait for 1 day. i will upload it tomorrow.

Where's new version you have been promising? Thanks version is online now. Just go to homepage of this site...

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