Need for Speed™ Most Wanted v1.0.28 Cracked Apk + SD Data

Download NFS Most Wanted v1.0.28 Cracked Apk + SD Data For Android
Requirements: Android 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Do you dare to be the Most Wanted? Buckle up, hit the gas and hold on tight; you’re in for the ride of your life
Outrun cops, outsmart rivals – and outdrive your friends – in the most dangerous Need for Speed yet. Do you dare to be the Most Wanted? 

Evade a relentless police force while you clash with street racers. Race and chase hot cars like the SRT Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and many more. Feel the intensity of no-brakes-allowed street racing with realistic full-car damage for the first time on mobile.

Log into Origin to check the Wanted List and find out who is the Most Wanted across platforms and among your friends. Then, challenge your friends and prove your racing skills in nonstop competition.

• Drive and customize over 35 of the world’s most exciting cars
• Race the way you want! By popular demand, you can now touch or tilt to steer
• Use Mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style
• Experience the action with mind-blowing graphics and intense full-car damage
Earn Speed Points to unlock new cars

Your rivals will do everything they can to stop you from getting to the top – but in this world, there can only be one Most Wanted.


Download Apk:

No Root/Online version Apk:


Offline Version Apk:


SD Data:
Copy "" folder to sdcard/Android/data 


Single Links:



How to Download ???
1. Click on the download link
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on


Links are down;(
Please help me I really want to try this game

@proper....all links working now....enjoy..

Sorry. Can you re-upload all the SD Data files please? All links are dead. Thanks in advanced.

Everybody....All links are updated now....enjoy

how do i know which sd data should i download? i have a desire hd.

Why do we still, need to DL 580 mb of data? I thought the folder we downloaded was that data? ADRENO data for desire hd

@ralphie.....folder named "" is the sd data. you must download it to play the game. MALI SD DATA for xperia p

what should i download for galaxy s3....and motorola razzr droid

@Tinashe...For Galaxy s3, download MALI SD DATA....And for Motorola razr droid, download POVERVR SD DATA

@Israr....POWERVR link UPDATED...enjoy..

what data should i download for galaxy note 10.1

the powervr still can't be downloaded

@gema...powervr link updated again..enjoy..

@zul....for galaxy note 10.1, download MALI sd data

where shud i paste the data file? after moving to sdcard/android/data its still asking for download when opening the game. help me

@zuhail....i think u installed online version...actually, it verifies the data...turn on wifi then start the game

i have micromax a90 which file i have to download?

POWERVR POWERVR SD DATA for micromax a90..

Hey I Have Sony Xperia X10 Which File I Have To Download?

what to download for galaxy S thanks in advance

@bhavesh ADRENO SD DATA for xperia x10. POWERVR SD DATA for galaxy s

what to download for karbonn st-9 marvel tab

mali link is not working.

what's the download sd file for galaxy fit 2.3.6 ??

dude i am using galaxy note n7000 i download and installed but when i open the game it is hanged it shows EA games thats it... i download mali only so plz help me dude...

@azm....MALI link updated and working now.....enjoy

@sohail....m not sure which one will work with karbonn marvel tab but u can try POWERVR link. It will work.. If it doesnt work then u can't play this game in your tab... will not work on galaxy fit because of very small processor..

@harsha....turn on wifi on first run only..

hey after downloading powervr......what to do?pls tell me in depth....

hey what to download offline or online?

@nary...u must connect to wifi if u download Online version to play the game.. If u dont have wifi then download offline version...
And Instructions are given above...just follow them..

@Sagittarian JiMz.... k i will check once.
thanks dude...

what should i download???
i am using samsung galaxy mini 2

thnx....bro...but after downloading sd data...i only have to copy in memory card....nd install it then play..or something else

I have Samsung galaxy note 2 which file i have to download

hi.....i have htc rhyme & i download the powervr sd data and i copy to my sdcard/android/data..... but not wrking.....wht should ido pls reply....i am waiting for your rply..... thakns in advanse

Hey im having trouble when im opening the application and its loading there is an error msg saying "Unfortunately NFS Most wanted has stopped"
my phone is galaxy SII can u help me? dont know what to do my andriod version is 4.1.2 and i downloaded the file MALI for the data and i paste the folder in andriod>data PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

@brandon...put sd data in internal memory if it doesn't work in external sdcard..

what do i download for Sony Xperia TL.....tried adreno but crashes after saying Welcome to Fairheaven

Link sd data for adreno is deleted, please update. Thanks ;))

@hirzi....Adreno SD Data LINK UPDATED...WORKING NOW...enjoy.

@vishnu...which apk u installed? online or offline??

Which sd card data is for android 4.0.4 7 inch tablet??? By the way the name is ainol elf 2

@Talha....check that which GPU is used in your adreno/powervr/tegra,etc etc...

what file should i download for sony xperia S??

I downloaded the offline apk and SD data for PowerVR(placed in android/data/... When i start the game it says i need to download about 576MB data...Why is that?

@Aaron...ADRENO sd data for xperia s

@Afsal..not in "adreno/data/". It should be in sdcard/Android/data

I use galaxy s advance n which data should i download..?

Pl tell me wht should i download for ma galaxy note 2....i hv downloaded it doesnt work...i did ol wht u said...still it showz unfortunately nfs has stopped...

best game on my super su s2g.. smooth and best graphic... not waste my time to download it

i'm using xperia acro s. what sd data should i download?

Yes, i got Xolo X900. 10 gb internal memory. Its sdcard/Android/data/....

(not adreno/data/-from ur comment)

@Afsal.. here is the solution mate..
download PoverVR sd data..
If u have internal memory then copy it to "internal memory/Android/data"
It will work 100% sure.. acc. to me, your phone have internalSD + External SD just like galaxy SL..

@Chen...use MALI sd data for galaxy s advance..

@Urvish..I think you are rooted and istalled custom rom.

@Erica..use ADRENO sd data for xperia acro s. Remember- U have internal memory so copy sd data to "internal memory/Android/data"

I have galaxy sl internal SD 1.8gb,USB storage 1.5gb games always install in USB storage please help as I cannot download and okay the game.

I have a HTC evo 3d which which one do I download?

the screen of nfs most wanted on ny xperia s is black i cannot see the road how can i fix it i download the adreno file already and put it to the sd card please help

What should I download for HTC oneX, please?

Hey guys I have some problem here, I have finished downloading the SD data until finish, but when I open the games again it's still requesting downloading from the starter again just like pretending I never download the data before, why? what's wrong? me using galaxy s i9000 android 2.3.6

what should i download for galaxy ace 2?

@Manuel...ADRENO sd data for htc evo 3d

@ngohuybao...TEGRA sd data for htc one x

@Ajith...ONLINE version requires internet to play the game.. OFFLINE version works without internet...

@Jonathan...u have placed the sd data to wrong place. read the instructins and move the sd data to desired place..

@Erik...MALI sd data for galaxy ace 2 the sd data in sdcard...

awesome ,,,thnx buddy work on my Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100

i have samsung galaxy beam which file i have to download?

@Andres...for xperia s, download ADRENO sd data

Error in downloading powervr, pls fix. Thanks man

I've the game running, but it takes almost all my memory , how can i move it to external memory, i am using sony sola

Hi, i've samsung tab 7.7, which data need to download?

what sd data will i download for Karbonn A9+

what should i download for samsung galaxy tab 2 (P5110) ???? pleaze help :)

For tablet : 1.2 Ghz , 7", 512 ram ,android 4.0.4?

Downloading ........................................ Hahaha XD is delayed but as I say goes: D hope it serves

Which data for samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1
My android version os 4.0.4
Do reply fast

Which link for Samsung Galaxies S3

which SD file for lifeware Fabtab??

@Saurabh....Download MALI sd data for Galaxy s2..

@Emy...PowerVR link working fine..

@Mahmoud...copy sd data to sdcard and move game to sdcard with link2sd or move2sd

@Ahmad...Download MALI sd data for samsung tab 7.7

@Chris...Don't find the GPU of Karbonn A9+. So, can't tell which sddata works for ur phone

@geopw + @ishliv kaur.....Download PowerVR sd data for samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1

@galal....Download MALI sd data for samsung galaxy s3

@empty....Download PowerVR sd data for lifeware Fabtab

Will it check for licence verification after sd data download for the first run??... I have download online version apk..because offline version apk failed after 20% download I tried 20 times but always failed so I dwnloaded online version... I am using xperia u official ics with root...

Tell me if it check for licence verification or not???

Mali sd data link says file not found... Is it correct for xperia u??? ..

update link fast...

@Aman & Michael....MALI link updated...enjoy

Pandigital 10" tablet with Android 2.3, not sure of GPU, which one to i download, thanks for help in advance

Hi, what type of SD data should I download for Manta 7" tablet? And where should I put them? THX

my mobile is symphony w60 what sd data will i download for ???

@vishwas.....For Xperia U, download MALI sd data.

@Patrik...For Manta 7 tab, i'm not sure but i think MALI or PowerVR will work

@Shakhawat.....Download PowerVR sd data for symphony w60.

@Patrik....I think it will not work on Pandigital 10" tab

dear Sagittarian,
Im using note. Downloaded the sd data, renamed it and transfered to my device folder as instructed. However i downloaded the apk file (offline) and when want to install it, a window come up and ask to download the data again via either wifi or 3g.

What is the correct installation procedure. TY.

karbonn a9 . .what link should i download ?tnx

hi.. what file do i download for prestigio multipad pmp3270b? thanks.

@shiroarmadaray...if you have internal sd the copy the sd data to internal sd and not in external sd. it will work.

@dennis...can't work in karbonn a9.

@king...i didn't find GPU for prestigio multipad pmp3270b. So, i can't say which one will work for you.


I'm using sony xperia go so I had to download the folder where MALI for xperia go.
Then Copy "" folder to sdcard/Android/data ADRENO link for xperia neo.

@Francis...All links are working perfectly..including MALI

can U help me plz!! how do I access my internal memory(how to store in internal memory) Samsung galaxy note 2 thanks!!1

@Omkar. You can move sd data to internalSD/Android/data ADRENO sd data for xperia play..

I downloaded APK & SD DATA (ADRENO). Already copied the SD Data on sdcard/Android/data but when I run the app it tells that I need to download the additional data w/c is the SD Data (ADRENO) I think. I'm using Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (ICS). How can I make it work properly? Thanks in advance!

I am a beginer and dont know how to deal in details...
Kindly let me know the complete procedure step by step, your attention will be really help me to downloads other games and apps from your website. Thanks

@Jams....You downloaded wrong SD data. Galaxy Tab 2 has PowerVR GPU. So download PowerVR SD Data. It will work.

Unrooted micromax a110
Help please

Mali link for Galaxy s3 Mini DOESNT WORK!

Hi sagittarian i have Sony Xperia U whati need of the data files to download??

@Chintan...Download PowerVR SD data. It will work on your micromax a110.

@Alberto...Download MALI SD data for Xperia U.


what shoul i download for galaxy ace gt-s5830i

When I'm playing the only thing one sees are the lights of the cars, the rest of the screen is black.
help me what to do?

@Dj ADRENO SD data for galaxy ace gt-s5830i..

@makion...which phone you are using??

I have, Sony Xperia tipo ST21, should I download ADRENO SD, if yes, then I don`t get it something. Couse after I instal apk, the game didn't make a folders like - Android/data in my SD Card. I made these foulders in manual way, but it still dosn`t works. There apears the message about free space request.

@Mairis..Yes you have to download ADRENO SD. Your phone has 2.5GB internal memory. So, Copy "" folder to Internal SD/Android/data
If folder doesn't exist, then create it.

What data for...
Droid RAZR M and Vizio VTAB1008?

@Isaac...For Droid Razr m, download ADRENO sd data...
For vizio tab, i don't know which gpu it has...may be its not compatible for VIZIO TAB...

thx gan,,
work 1000% on my samsung gt-p3100

Which pack should i download for my HTC ONE X+ ??

@admin i ve HTC incredible S, which sd data should i download?? please help me

@Mahde..Download TEGRA sd data for HTC ONE X+ ADRENO sd data for HTC incredible S

Dear Jimz,

Can EA detect you haven't paid for the game when logging on to Origin?
In other words can I play online without getting banned or anything?
I've got v 1.0.46 installed.

Thanks in advance

If i download online version, should i have to download offline version?

Hello Sagittarian JiMz. Which data should I download for my COBY MID7042/7048? Thanks.

@Joris...You can play it online by logging in it. EA can't detect anything and you will not get banned ever because its paid version.

Cool! Thanks for the quick answer.

what should i download for HCL me v1 tab ?

@Potsavee...No, you need only 1version i.e online or offline. That's your choice.

@Starbury & @ollhere...Both "HCL me v1 tab" And "COBY MID7042/7048" uses cortec processor. But its not confirm whether both using MALI GPU or POWERVR GPU.
Try to download MALI SD DATA first. If it doesn't work, then use POWERVR SD DATA. It should work... enjoy..

I never get how to actually put the SD stuff on the right spot, do i have to create a new folder?

1. Download SD Data and extract. you will get a folder "".
2. Copy "" folder to sdcard/Android/data
3. install game and launch..

PowerVr Links r dead @Admin plz update ASAP :(

@shamma.....Every link is working including PowerVR links.. I just double checked...

downloaded the whole game a month ago but still can't play it because my internal memory is very low (1.6 gb samsung galaxy s duos s7562) but i got an external sd card and transfered the files and created the necessary folders just like in phone sd memory but still the game does not run and asks to download the data how can i make the game akp to use the data on ext sd card????

HELP ME !!!!!!!

hey bro which link to download for samsung galaxy note???
thanks MALI sd data for galaxy note

@xkptgt5.. No way. if you have internal sd then you cant move sd data to external sd. If you do then game will not work

is there no way that we can run this from external sd card cuz internal memory have not much space!

@ollhere..which phone you are using??

@miu...Adreno links updated....enjoy

plz update mali links i got glalaxy s3

it doesnt work for ace 2
ive tryd several times
and downloaded the mali file
ive done as in description
(sd card/android/data)
but it keeps trying to download the file and ignores the sd card and says that i havent got enough memory to install....
ive downloaded modern combat and its the same way to instal sd data on sdcard/android/data... and that works fine
any tips ore some help bc mi gf realy likes need for speed and im trying to get this for our 3 year aniversery so pleas help asap

Adreno 2 link broken

im using a galaxy ace I8160
ive done as in description
Copy "" folder to sdcard/Android/data (mali sd data + online apk) and it keeps wanting to download the file and say that i havent got enough memory
do u got any other ways?

Adreno link part 2 is not working

Hi bro,
I've downloaded and installed NFS MW from your links. But i'm facing problem like need to download 0MB data and should have 1920MB free space in SD card. couldn able to play game. Pls help bro.

I am using Micromax Canvas HD...i ve put it on External SD Card also and i m using the Wi well but even then ....showing the same memory message

@Unpro..For xperia T, download ADRENO SD Data.

@Dawid... All Adreno links are updated and working now..

@rajesh...please try online version..

@qaiser....1st, Download PowerVR sd data. Put sd data in internal memory if your phone shows internal memory as InternalSD.

@randy...Be sure you have downloaded both offline-APK and proper SD CACHE( in your example for Adreno).
Unzip the package on your PC( you now have ~2GB of data in proper folder;don't change it's name).
Paste it over this location on your phone->Android/data/"foldername".
Install the APK( if cannot install-you need to delete .odex file in app/data ROOT NEEDED, but that just when you cannot install the APK-simple).
Run the APK.
If there's still an error-check the SD CACHE location on your phone. If there are no files-copy them over once again.
Should be working after that.

here comes the confusing part, on a previus coment you wrote that u need to download the mali sd data for the samsung galaxy ace 2...

adreno part 1 and 2 and 3 that not working.
please re-upload .
but witch 1 single link that is work but my connection is slowly so i can't to download that...

can u plz tell me which client i ened for galaxy s3

okay I have downloaded and installed the offline apk and the sd card was put in SD CARD/Android/data
I run the APK it searches for update, it gives me error that CONTENT IS OUT OF DATE and exits after clicking ok. Then the Sd data is erased. I have Internal SD but it is too small to hold the data(1.15GB). What do I do???

@tarek..for galaxy s3, download MALI sd data.

@randy..are you using offline version?

@bagas..ADRENO single link(ultra fast speed) is updated. enjoy..

yes, i have used the ofline version and online, ive tryd both but it keeps saying the same, downloade the files, has it got to do somthing with the usb storage? olso i dont have mi phone rooted and not intenting to root it.....


I have Xperia Ray running android 4.0.4 i only have 150MB of internal memory left so i was wondering what do i do which files do i download IM CONFUSED!!!


@randy...are you able to download the files via wifi/3g??

@dj...Copy sd data to Sdcard and not internal memory.
Those have InternalSD in there phones(like galaxy s3), need to copy sd data to internalSD.
For you, copy it to sd card.

no, it keeps saying insuficient memory, ive got an 8 gb sd card and 4 is availeble. on usb storage ive got 700 mb free, and internal memory ive got 800 mb free..... like i said, i moved modern combat 4 to sdcard / android / data /....
and that game works fine, so im lost
when i download the ofline file, it says that i need to conect to internet to download the files..... ( ps its an ACE 2 so wat files do i download so i can redownload )

I am using QMobile Noir A8 (Unrooted).
Internal memory: 1 Gb
SD Card: 16 Gb

Please tell me which file type I should download. I tried different site and downloaded the data twice but end up wasting my time and efforts.

Guide me, which file type I should download?

Thanks !

thanks dude u make me lost 30 minutes waiting 4 ADS TILL I DECIDED 2 QUIT...

@brokenangel201275...which ads you are talking about? Download link has only ads thats only for 5sec. As you know 90% of sites are using this.
But You are getting 100% working links with ultrafast speed + resume support.
All file sharing sites have 60sec waiting time but this site has only 30sec waiting time and links are 100% working. You will not waste your time.
What you want more??

@Mohsin...Download PowerVR SD Data for QMobile Noir A8. Copy sd data to sdcard(external memory).

@randy..don't download sd data again. Are you able to download sd data via wifi/3g or not?
If not then what happened when you copy sd data to desired place? is that worked or not?

can't download fron link for no root 'cause the file reached max downloads limit

I can't download the sd data online BC it says that I haven't got enough memory
I've copy the sd data to the desirerd place but it keeps saying that I need to download the sd data
So it hasent worked yet :( so again help lol

@Rayc...New Link added...Downloads limit removed...enjoy.. v1.0.46 will be added tomorrow. It will work on your phone. Please wait for a day..Thanks

That's fine by me, just let me know how to install on mi Samsung galaxy ace 2, if you can
Like wat file to download and where to place it :)

@randy...Download MALI sd data and Copy "" folder to "sdcard/Android/data"
Install game and launch.

Is the NFS Mostwanted Game is working properly or not? I played that game unable to see road and car. the screen is full of black.

@rajesh... which phone you are using?

well my phone is a galaxy y S5360. Android 2.3.3
I was able to download the offline version, but during installation the phone displayed the result "file not installed"
please help

Hi Sagittarian..
I have downloaded the game thrice over wifi as i was nt aware these blogs. Game runs fine bt i can see only loghts rest all the tracks and roads are black and cant view them. I have tried reinstalling of the game as well. However ur links are not working and says page can not be displayed when i am trying to download from here. I am using samsung galaxy note 1 gt n 7000. Bt cant play this..ur help is requested.


I am also facing the same issue as rajesh is facing on samsung glaxy note gt n 7000.....plz someone help.

in nfs most wanted i can't see road and car. the screen is full black.
and i'm using swipe x78 tab

what do i need to download for galaxy s duos data?

in nfs most wanted i'm unable to see road and car

@Swapnil Jena..this is due broken file. Download and try it again.

@Madhur..which sd data you downloaded? It should be MALI sd data(about 583 mb size). New links are added. try them. it should work

@sanjay...this game will not work correctly on swipe x78 tab because it has no GPU which is required to show graphics.

Sir i have galaxy grand in which the gpu is from plz plz tell me which version should i download for my grand

@Mashuk... You can't play High-end Games which needs big data in GALAXY GRAND as the GPU is not supported by this type of games..

Yup bro . I'm having same issue .. if u got any solution rather than rooting tel me plz

@Harsha which versionyou are using? online or offline? If you are getting SD Data download problem then its because of internal/external sd. You must copy sd data to right place

@Ricky... Which links are dead bro? I checked the links. all are working fine

. I think this is the best racing game I've played (enough said) so far since I've had an android, and that's been for a while. But there's just one thing. The game start up is too slow. i installed the cracked apk version 1.0.29 it's not too slow that I would get tired of waiting but I think it can be at least 15 or 20 seconds faster. Other than that, the best. Hands down.

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