Virtua Tennis™ Challenge v4.0 Cracked Apk + SD Data

Download Virtua Tennis Challenge v4.0 Apk With SD Data
Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: SEGA challenges you to take your best shot with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge. 
Virtua Tennis™, the World's number one tennis game, is available for the first time on smartphones with the new Virtua Tennis Challenge.

Slice, lob and hit your best top spin as you take on the world's best and compete against 50 players in 18 stadiums around the globe. Build concentration by making plays that match your player's style; unleashing a super shot that will make your opponent sweat. Enjoy hours of game play through different modes, shots and courts.


Unleash top spins, slice shots, lobs and drop shots through different touch gestures

Adjust your shot in different stadiums and environments as you compete on clay, grass, hard or indoor courts.

Compete in Singles or Doubles challenges

★SPT World Tour: Pick a customizable character to compete through full seasons of competition around the globe. Earn money by progressing through matches to buy your way into new tournaments. Each real world day offers new challenges.
★Exhibition Match: Dive into the game and select from any unlocked courts and characters in single or doubles mode.
★Multiplayer: Challenge your friend face to face over Bluetooth

What's in this version:
5/24/12: Now available on more Android devices!

Be sure not to have run the apk before the directory is in place. If you do, it will ask you to download data. 
So, you MAY have to re-install.


1. Download Apk & SD Data.
2. Extracted the data file ""
3. Create a folder named "" in "sdcard/Android/obb/"
It should be like this "sdcard/Android/obb/"
Copy "" to "sdcard/Android/obb/"
3. Install Game
4. Launch

[LINKS UPDATED ON 25 July, 2013]

Download Apk:

Download SD Data:

How to Download ???
1. Click on the download link
2. Wait for few seconds and then click on


@ketan... all links are working...which link is not working for u??

download links for SD Data are not working
can u post them again

@kiky...use WINRAR(its free) to extract sd data

@help desk....all links are working... just click on download link.. then choose CROCKO DOWNLOAD link....its working...enjoy..

data file not working.. file corrupt..

hy help me please after i download part 1 and part 2 i extract 1 and 2 and now i have a folder whit 225 mb i copy this one on android/obb i install...and after this operation i have a pop up and tell me like that you need to download 400 mb of game data to run the game ...what i have to do help me please

@Mumosu....You must copy data to sdcard/Android/obb. If you have internal sd + external sd(like in galaxy sl), then copy it to internal sd. it will work file is WORKING...After opening sd data link...


hi, I cant find the file android/obb..

@hisham...copy the SD Data folder to "sdcard/Android/obb"
if it doesn't there, then create one...

Even I canr Find android/obb So Should i create n new flder named obb n den paste d extracted ting in dat?? Reply Fast Please!

@Aayush...not android/obb. It should "sdcard/Android/obb"
If there is no "obb" folder in "sdcard/Android/" then create one and copy the SD Data folder to it.

It`s asking for a password?

Should I paste the file in the folder /obb? or where?

@Kristijan.....It doesn't have any password. So how will it ask for password? Maybe you are doing something wrong.

Can I put the data in the external sd?

@Federico...if you have internal sd then it will not work if u put data in external sd. But you can give a try..

i download sd data then extract it and i creat new folder in android named it ' obb ' then i put the folder of game in it
in mobile ,, it said to me open it as audio or pic or video not as setup or game
what should i do?
notice: my mobile is xperia neo v
please help !!

@Ahmed...dear after copying sd APK file given above...then install it....

Works perfectly on my galaxy tab.

Thanks very much Sagittarian JiMz.

dude 1 thing i'll like to say... "u r d best man" thanx man ...its running as smooth as butter ..
bro can u add zombie smash ???? from other sites. All others are working

Hey Jimz thanks for the game :)...I am having a problem..i placed file1 and file 2 content in obb folder..and then installed the apk...but after installing the game it showing that you need to download 400 mb of data... :(
But 1 thing when i extracted file 1 and file 2 both of them have same file names, so i renamed the file 2 data by maain.....

Hey...i was doing it wrong...i was not placing the whole folder but only the file...
i did placed the whole flder and it worked...:)

yes some mirror2x on d wall are working... :)) thanx Jimz :D

@noobly...there is a file ""
Place this file to "sdcard/Android/obb"

Dead links. Thanks a LOT for the dead links

@jane...Sorry for that. Now all links are updated and working now....enjoy...

i did all the things that you say with the folders, rename, create, move internal to external anda nothing work for me, please explaine what i should to do exactly for run the game on my movil

@arturo...which phone do you have?

@ All,
As per instruction from SJ, i extracted the data file "" and copied to folder "SD Card\Android\obb" location. Like everyone said, it is got struck at 0% while downloading 400 MB data.
After did few google searches, i found that we may need to create one more subfolder "" under "SD Card\Android\obb" folder path and copy the obb file "" to the new that location.
Now, It is working very well on my HP Touchpad. :)

Thanks a lot Raja...Now it works in my Galaxy SII (Jellybean) :)

will any apk v4.0 work? cause when i go to your recomended APK link it says wrong IP..

@Angelo...All links are working dear. Use if it gives wrong ip.

can u tell me the entire process pls

1. Download Apk & SD Data. You will get a Folder.
2. Copy that SD Data folder to "sdcard/Android/obb"
3. Install Game
4. Launch

the thing is after i do everything,i want to lunch it,it keeps telling me to download 400mb data. why this thing happened? tq

@zharif...if you have phone with internal sd then copy SD Data folder to "internalsd/Android/obb"

my problem same as Zharif,it keep telling to download 400mb data. and I dont have internal sd.. please tell me how to solve it.

@zharif fikri
@Ijunk Oi.....NEW INSTRUCTIONS ARE ADDED above. Follow them. It will work.. enjoy..

I followed all instructions but still it shows you need to download 400 mb and i m stuck on 0%

you are doing something wrong. It should work if you follow the instructions carefully. Please double check everything. It may also happens due to spell mistake.

hi i got micromax canvas 2. after downloading it says to download 400 mb data again. plz help

@sonu.. Its not possible dear. If you copied the sd data to correct place then it must work.

i did all the above instruction said but when i open virtual tennis it is still downloading and it is not working can u tell where shoud i place apk file

@Tondam and all... Those are facing problem regarding SD Data, here is the solution. If it request to download additional sd data then move sd data to phone memory(internal SD). Some phones have internalSD in them.
It should work then..

hey thnx but when is start d game its saying download 400 mb data but i have copied the sd dat to sd card android obb

@Vivek...which phone do you have?

Dude its not wprking amd i have tried everythinv you said... I'm using tecno n3.. please help

game starts well .. but when matches start screen turns blank ?? does anyone out here knows how to resolve it ??

@John...your phone can't run this game. because of low end processor and no GPU.

@Dv.. which phone you are using?

hey i i folloed your instruction but after copying and creting folder i installed game and at time of launching it is showng you have to download 400 mb data.please help

hey bro I have done everything which is written creating a sub folder and then putting data files in the folder and then putting the folder in android/obb and when I opens the game it's still asking me to download the 400 mb data and stuck on 0% and I have checked everything files name folder name hundreds of times everything is fine but it's still nt working please help me bro
I have HTC explorer

@Tanzeel...You are doing something wrong. A single spelling mistake can also lead to that.
You need to create one more subfolder "" under "SD Card\Android\obb" folder path and copy the obb file "" to the new that location.
Recheck the spells of everything

@Χρήστος... Yes its compatible with LG Optimus II

sd data file showing currupt error when trymg to unrara by winrar

@vikas... it is because your file is not fully downloaded

This is not working
Please explain in detail. when i extracted the file virtuatennis.apk.rar then it creates obb1.rar and obb2.rar, after that when I am trying to extract obb1.rar then it is showing password protected

@neeraj...there is no virtuatennis.apk.rar in my link.

@oliver... What problem you are facing?

hi! ive followed the instructions above, however it still shows download data 400MB. there is no internal sd folder. im using xperia ray with an ICS droid. Pls help..

Be sure not to have run the apk before the directory is in place. If you do, you MAY have to re-install.

its not working on my tablet said that 400mb still download

where to copy apk file ? In tht "" folder ?

@Niks... apk file is the installation file. you can put it in root of sdcard and install it. but dont put it in "" folder

hello dude help me to download apk and sd data plz

@roshan... Its simple on download link. new link opens. Then "SKIP AD" will be written at top-right corner. Just click on that...

hello i have lg optimus l7 p705 and i installed the game after pasting sd data files in internalmemory/android/obb and i pasted it in data too and still asking for 400 mb please help :(

why im still to download the data..but im follow your step

its worked for me
tanks a lot men

Links are not working...pls help me out.

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