Get Free Sample Of Dove Shampoo

Dove has once again come up with Free Sample but this time of their Shampoo and conditioners. To get the free sample you can either fill your details


or send a SMS by typing ‘DOVE’ to 09967199671. 

Once you fill your information online or by SMS, you will receive your sample in few days. This offer is running from 26th March 2011 to 31st May 2011. Also, Dove is also giving away a gift hamper to 50,000 people who recommend Dove to 6 of their Friends, family members. All the 6 referred people will get Dove trial pack and you (Who referred those 6 people) will get a gift hamper from Dove. You need to fill details of 6 people and your own address here to be elligible for the Gift hamper.

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