app2sd For Xperia X10 Android 2.1

app2sd (application to sd card) which means the applications would have been stored to the sd card storage automatically and of course save the internal memory resources of your X10.

What are the benefits?
The Benefits are :
  • Your X10 so more smoothy, because the internal memory resources only focus for the OS and system files only, so the performance of the Android OS is faster and lighter
  • Your X10 have special swap file (LINUX), which aims to improve and help the performance of RAM (384 MB RAM X10)
  • Your X10 has a sort of balancing method, which means that if the files in the application fail to load, the other partition will be replace it. And it also helps the course of an app so much smoother (without fear even though your sdcard has SDHC Class 2)
Preparations :
Download the following files and install on your PC :
And the following files should to download and install on your phone
Instructions :
Use Partition Wizards to partition your sd card (before that, make sure all the contents of your sd card has backuped to hdd drive on your PC)
The division of partititon must be right and sequence, can’t reverse order :
  • FAT32 (primary)
    FAT32, min. 2 GB.
  • ext2 (primary)
    ext2 min. 1,4 GB, and max 2 GB.
  • swapfile (primary)
    swapfile = 2/3 times RAM size. So it should be : 3/2 * 384 MB = 576 MB.
Okay, how to partition your sd card :
  • Make sure your phone connected via usb and the usb mode in the circumstances, means your sd card is readable by windows explorer.
  • Make sure all the contents of the X10′s sd card, both show and hidden is full backup on your hard drive.
  • Make sure that you partities the sd card, not a hard drive or disk on your PC 
  • Delete the partition on the sd card agan, with a right click from the software “Partition Wizards Home Edition (PWHE)” > delete.
  • Partisilah one by one until the division is completed according to the instructions of each partition size and MUST be sequential. Follow this instructions for a details.
Preparation on your phone :
  • Make sure your X10 was installed the busybox and TitaniumBackup Donate Version and have a full backup with a batch job of all content files (app + system).
  • Make sure X10 is running busybox app on your phone, and then select OK to install until the status displayed on your phone is “DONE!”.
 And now run adb tools via Android SDK. And make sure your X10 has connected perfectly to your PC via usb debugging mode.
And do this command :
Click start>run>cmd and change to directory (cd – change directory) tools on Android SDK.
If you already .. type in the following quote:
adb devices [enter]
adb shell [enter]
su [enter - choose 'allow' on your phone screen]
sh /sdcard/ [enter]
If it done..should appear like this quote
what would you to do ?
0 install app2sd
1 uninstall app2sd
2 exit
 Please select 0 option and press enter. Then wait until the process is completed, it takes about 6-10 minutes and it also depends much on your apps on internal memory .. because at the moment ..
app2sd that had been assigned to replace the path in the ext2 partition on the internal memory to a current path of ext2 partition on your sd card. And all the app on ext2 internal memory has been cut into ext2 sd card. Hence so long 
Wait and wait till finished .. .. just ignore the message if there is denied, error, etc. .. just wait until your phone restart itself.
Done! app2sd already active in your phone 
If you want to return to the internal memory so follow the process above (installation steps of app2sd) .. it’s just select [1] uninstall app2sd..and wait till finished. 


Just only work on x10?
others android phones wif os 2.1 work?

yes it works for xperia x10 only

if xperia X10 mini pro android 2.1, does it work?

will this work on x8?

sorry mate. . .it will not work on x8

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