How to Log into Multiple Facebook Accounts

I have seen many people having multiple Facebook, Gmail, Orkut, Myspace IDs. I myself have multiple Gmail IDs. Well, the reason? If you ask me then, I would say it’s mainly for privacy sake. I keep one account for personal use and other for general use. You may have some other reason. Well, now a question arises, how do you login to multiple accounts simultaneously? You might have observed that you can’t login to multiple accounts simultaneously in the same browser. For this very reason I decided to list some solutions. They not only apply for Facebook but also for Orkut, Gmail, Myspace, Yahoo, etc

Multiple ID Login in Internet Explorer 8:

If you’re using Internet explorer 8 then open a window and login to the website you desire with one ID. Once done, press Alt and go to File> New session. Now a new window will open go to the website again and login with another ID. Pretty easy isn’t it?

Using Two Different browsers:

There are so many internet browsers to choose between. Some of the popular ones include- Internet explorer, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. You can login to one Facebook account in one browser and the other Facebook account in another browser. This way you can login to multiple accounts simultaneously.

Multiple ID Login in Google Chrome:

Logging into different IDs is easier in Google Chrome as comes with an incognito mode that allows you to login to two different instances of the same website.
Firstly, login to the website with your primary ID in Google Chrome.
Now click on the tools icon and select New Incognito Window. Alternatively you can press Ctrl + Shift + N to open a new Incognito Window.
Navigate to the same website and you should be able to login with another user ID.

Multiple ID Login in Firefox and Flock:

Go to Nektra site and install the CookiePie Firefox addon. This addon also works on Flock browser. Once installed, restart the browser. Open a new tab and login to your account with the primary ID.
Now press Ctrl+T to open a new tab. Right click on the tab and select Toggle On/Off Cookiepie.
You’ll now see a cookie on the tab. Now, simply go to the same website and log in with another ID in this tab. Voila! Two Ids are logged in simultaneously.

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