BAK2u PhoneBAK Anti Theft v2.0 For S60v5

This is an essential piece of software that Nokia, Samsung, SonyEricsson mobile phone users must have, to prevent their gadgets and vital information to fall onto the wrong hands when stolen.
Wipe out all confidential information, photos, videos, documents automatically, have the smart software tracks down the thief via SMS text, IMEI, IMSI of the thief!
Auto Data WipeOut Performs a Hard Reset to wipeout all files on external storage
card and set the device to factory default to protect confidential information.
Once the SMS Alert Message is sent, the device will be on standby to perform the hard reset.
Hard Reset Wipes out all data in the mobile phone.

Storage Card Wipes out all data in the external storage card inserted in the mobile phone.
SMS Text Alert When an unauthorized SIM card is inserted into the stolen mobile phone, SMS text alert will be sent out immediately on the background to predefined numbers (e.g. spouse, colleague, IT
dept) about the theft.
Multi Recipients Increase the chance of recovery with alerts send to multi
recipients, locally or internationally. IMEI Detection
A number unique to every GSM phones used by the GSM network to identify valid devices and therefore can be used to stop a stolen phone from accessing the network.SMS Text Alerts are send from thiefs own phone number, that includes IMEI & IMSI information to help in recovery. IMSI Tracking
An unique number associated with all GSM network mobile phone
users stored in the SIM inside the phone and is sent by the phone
to the network.
E.g. In many countries like Singapore, all prepaid and postpaid
SIM cards users need to register with their ID or passport to the
authorities. With IMSI, the authorities will be able to track
back to the thief.
Location of thief
Information of the cell location (Area Code & Cell ID) will be
captured in the SMS Text Alert when the thief changes the SIM
Multi SIM Cards
Can support local and international SIM cards.
Tamper Proof
Password protection to ensure no unauthorized access to the
Customizable Message
Owner can personalize the SMS Text Alert to be sent to the
pre-defined numbers to notify others of the theft.
Auto Start Up
Software autoruns every time the mobile phone is powered up.
Low Memory Resource
PhoneBAK will automatically shut down once SIM card is
5th Edition Symbian – GSM Network
For N97, 5800, SonyEricsson Satio

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